Belize Mountain Pine Ridge

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Mountain Pine Ridge Tour

Belize Mountain Pine Ridge is a forest reserve, the largest in Belize. It’s name speaks for itself, as the reserve is mainly filled with Honduras pine trees. This 100,000+ acres of reserve contains many roads, creeks, river, waterfalls and wildlife. Our largest fall which is the thousand ft. falls is located in this reserve. Therefore, you’ll get to visit the thousand foot falls, sightseeing only. Unfortunately you can’t get close, no roads leads all the way to the falls.

belize mountain pine ridge tour

With that said, Belize Mountain Pine Ridge tour begins at sunrise and is a full day of sightseeing to Firstly: Rio Frio Cave – a fairly dry cave that has a natural sandy beach look with chambers and ancient writing on the walls. Secondly, the Rio On Pools – these are natural pools all created from a river that flows over limestone rocks, with water falls all flowing from one to the other. Thirdly,Thousand Foot Falls – the largest water fall in Belize. And last but not least, Big Rock falls – as the name explains, it’s a pristine water fall, falling over huge limestone rocks. It’s an unbelievable full day of natural beauty, very relaxing, with many places for swimming and family picnic. Belize mountain pine ridge tour is a great day of adventure under a 90 degree sun. Book your Belize Mountain pine ridge tour today and start exploring Belize.

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MPR Tour Details

  • Tour includes: Entrance Fee, Lunch, Guide, Taxes, transportation, and drinks
  • START TIME: 9:00AM
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sun Block
  • Hiking/Tennis Shoes (No flipflops)
  • Long Pants & T-Shirt
  • swim suit – if planning on swimming
  • Towel
  • Extra Clothing
belize mountain pine ridge mountain pine ridge belize